Why LEAPCare?

Care For Your Employees by
Offering LEAPCare

We know life moves at its own pace. When your employees are struggling in their personal lives, it can impact their ability to perform job duties. LEAPCare enables you to give your employees confidential, permission-based support options, whenever and wherever help is needed.

Confidant employee getting caring support from TELACHAP

How we help your employees

When your employees are going through tough times, they need a caring heart and a listening ear. Our Care Coaches will always be available to provide them. By giving your team members what they need, our Care Coaches will empower them to build their confidence and job satisfaction. The rippling effects of this positivity will reach all areas of your business.

Upgrades Your
Work Culture

Cultivate a sustainable and supportive work culture for your team by investing into permission-based individual care for each employee.

Improves Employee Performance

Providing support options for your team helps employees focus on their job duties instead of their personal crises while at work.

Attracts Potential Employees

Beef up your employee benefits plan and entice prospective employees by offering LEAPCare support services as an additional benefit.

Offers Global
Crisis Support

When your team is worn out from the effects of a global crisis, such as a pandemic or unrest, LEAPCare is in your corner to offer ongoing support.

Boosts Employee

Employees feel supported when management has invested into their lives outside of the workplace and want to reciprocate.

Strengthens Relationships

Lifting up your team by displaying whole-person care helps improve the relationships between your C-Suite staff, managers, and employees.



Invest in your employees by providing confidential, whole-person care, and watch how the positive effects shine through the entire company. Contact us today to take the first step towards creating a culture of care for your team.

Employee happily texting their chaplain and getting help