Frequently Asked Questions

Interaction with our Care Coachs is purely voluntary, so your employees can reach out via text, voice chat, or video chat whenever they’re in need of care. When they decide to reach out, one of our Care Coaches will answer as soon as possible and offer them advice, comfort, and care to help them through whatever situation is troubling them.

Our Care Coaches help people struggling with all types of personal issues, including work-related stress and burnout, family turmoil, spiritual crises, and existential stress. However, our Care Coachs’ care is by no means limited to these situations. They are always willing to adapt to your team members’ individual needs.

Because working with LEAPCare involves an ongoing partnership with your business, our Care Coaches are available to provide long-term assistance to any employees who desire it. There is no limit to how often they can speak to our Care Coaches, and there is no cost to the employee.

Problems can arise at any time, so our Care Coaches are available to you and your employees 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.