Customized Solutions

Get the Employee Support Your Team Needs

LEAPCare provides your employees and organization with:

  • A wellness benefit that ‘fills in the gap’ and goes beyond the physical needs of healthcare to help the whole person
  • An answer to the current confusion of “I know I need to take care of my employees, but I just don’t know how to, or feel equipped to do it well”
  • An honest, thoughtful response to the pandemic’s impact on the mental, emotional and spiritual health of employees, manifested in skyrocketing cases of anxiety, depression, suicide ideation and more!
Man chatting with TELACHAP Chaplain on his computer from home

Flexible Pricing

We have a passion for compassion at LEAPCare. We take the following into consideration to offer your organization flexible pricing for our care services:

  • Company Size
  • Budget
  • Time Commitment